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Cyber Chapter Seminars Jan 17 and 22

In January we will host two technical seminars.


January 17, 2018
We will be partnering with Chesapeake Area Biological Safety Association (ChABSA) for a special technical seminar
Hank Parker, Ph.D. 
Georgetown University Will Present on:
"Containment: Science through Fiction"
Note: because this is a live chapter event start time is estimated between 7:00 and 7:15 PM eastern.
Dr. Hank Parker recently published the novel “Containment,” involving a global plot to release a deadly virus and the elite response team who must try to stop it. He holds a PhD in biological oceanography and is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s School of Medicine, where he teaches a course on biological threats to food and agriculture. He formerly served as a Senior Executive and Acting Director of Homeland Security for the Agricultural Research Service of USDA and has published and lectured on bio- and agro-terrorism.


January 22, 2018
Time 4:00 PM EST
Are you Prepared for the Tier II Reporting Deadline on March 1st?
Presented by Rick Foote of Triumvirate
Section 312 of the Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986 states that Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reports, also known as Tier II reports, must be submitted annually by March 1st to your State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and local fire department(s). Failure to comply with Tier II reporting requirements can cost your organization. Each violation of EPCRA Section 312 may result in civil penalties of up to $25,000. Each day a violation continues constitutes a separate violation. This webinar will help you to know if you are ready to complete and submit your Tier II report by the March 1st deadline.
Mr. Foote is an experienced Industrial Director with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. He has strong operations professional skills including ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, Environmental Issues, Workplace Safety, Environmental Auditing, and Occupational Health. He is also a contributor to Triumvirate's Environmental, Health & Safety blog.
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Congratulations 2017 Scholarship Recipients!

Rachel Calnan and Francesca Servidio will be presented with a $1000 scholarship each.

Best of luck in your academic adventures!


2017 Operating Plan for our Members

         2017 NEACHMM Operating Plan



In accordance with the NEACHMM by-laws, the NEACHMM Board of Directors has developed a plan and structured its operations to guide decision making, activity planning, and budget development as discussed below. This plan is a flexible set of guidelines for the NEACHMM officers to carry out their duties for the coming year.

NEACHMM’s primary audience is our membership, which includes CHMMs, CHMPs and affiliated members.


NEACHMM Objectives

Deliver professional development programs targeted to our diverse membership by setting a tentative schedule in the beginning of the year (See tentative schedule below for current year); by delivering high quality meetings with diverse topics; by supporting joint meetings with affiliated organizations; by providing opportunities for networking, learning, interaction and communication among members and guests involved in hazardous materials management.

Provide (2) CHMM Certification Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management Courses by delivering a 3-4 day course using local instructors and promoting the exam. One North Shore course in the Spring and one South Shore course in the Fall.



To achieve these goals, NEACHMM will organize and fund the following types of activities:

  • Endorse or participate in national and local conferences

  • Hold at least 6 general membership meetings / facility tours, including a social outing

  • Invite AHMP leaders and visitors from other chapters to our meetings

  • Provide continuing education to our membership by presenting interesting technical topics/facility tours/courses

  • Hold NEACHMM elections in November of each year

  • Manage an annual budget (attached) with expenses for membership meetings, workshops, travel to conferences, promotions, etc.

  • Publish a quarterly blog

  • Maintain outreach to other professional organizations and conduct joint meetings when possible

  • Continue to provide value to members through the website

  • Seek other opportunities to provide meaningful professional development benefits to members

  • Periodically review and update, as necessary, the bylaws

  • Inform and remind membership of the opportunities that the Alliance has for awards and participation in committees

  • Hold at least one official annual business meeting in accordance with Massachusetts regulations

  • Submit appropriate form and fee to Massachusetts to maintain our business status

  • Submit Chapter Annual report to AHMP

  • Host an energy summit and small expo


2017 NEACHMM Board of Directors


President Amanda Wuoti Stericycle Environmental Solutions e-mail: 

Vice-President/President Elect Jim Rossi Clean Harbors e-mail: 

Secretary Alexa Kaubris Lonza e-mail: 

Treasurer James Harrison Veolia e-mail: 

Director-at-Large Kevin Coulon Triumvirate Environmental e-mail: 

Director-at-Large Matthew Hackman e-mail: 

Director-at-Large Peter Kelly-Joseph ESS Group e-mail: 

Director-at-Large Brian Morrill GZA e-mail: 

Director-at-Large Michael Pietila Mass Biologic Labs e-mail: 

Director-at-Large Jo-Ann Ranslow University of Massachusetts Medical Scho e-mail: 

Immediate Past-President Matt Montefusco Oasis Environmental e-mail: 



2017 NEACHMM Standing Committees


Government Affairs Committee (Peter (Chair),JoAnn, Matt M., Matt H.)

Professional Development Committee (Matt M. (Chair), Brian Morrill)

Public Relations and Marketing Committee (Amanda (Chair), Kevin )

Blog (Amanda (Chair), Jim R.)

Membership Development Committee (Jim R. (Chair), Alexa, Matt. H)

Essentials Course 14 (Kevin (Chair), Amanda, Kelly Camp)

CHMMunity (Jim H. (Chair), Mike)

Awards (Amanda (Chair), Jim R)

Golf Outing and Scholarship (Mike (Chair), Jim H., Matt M. Kevin)

Webmaster (Amanda (Chair), Peter, Matt M.)


NEACHMM Schedule 2017










face2face BOD meeting Ops Plan & Budget Development

Olive garden Family Room, 6-8pm Topics: Chapter Dues, Meeting Registration fees, EHMM courses x2, Budget, Assign committee members/Chairs (esp EHMM), 2017 complete calendar, webpage mngmt, take BOD photos

Amanda to send out Agenda for review 1-3-16, print off Certs of attendance and agenda 1-6-16










Topics: March event, May EHMM, assign BOD chairpeople

Amanda to send out agenda for review 1-31-17, Jim to talk with Veolia, assign all other tasks for event in march to a committee, get Committee participation to help























































Topics: March event, May EHMM

Amanda to send out agenda for review 2/28/17



BOD/NEACHMM Marketing event

Bod mtg followed by presentation about NEACHMM and networking



Amanda to send out agenda the week before for review, talk about National and get participation





Must rule as a membership on the Ops Plan/Budget and suggested bylaws amendments





















Topics: Treasurer report/annual financials, Committee updates and development (ideas/hurdles), EHMM in May, start convo about June event, National Awards application

Amanda to send out agenda 3-28-17, how is EHMM looking for trainers? Do we have enough books? Who is getting the food?















Topics: Scholarship review process, EHMM class this month, June event finalization, Committee Updates

Amanda to send out agenda 4-25-17, do we have the venue /training/presenter/scheduled for June event?


6/8, 15, 22













































































Conference Call

Possibly a Western, MA event, invite Resource Options to partner and sponsor, BOD topics: Odysee cruise end of August, Fall EHMM prep (RI?), sending out Scholarship nominee requests, golf event

Amanda to send out agenda week before




EL Harvey in Westborough

Jo-Ann is PMing this event (tour, presentation, dinner); Brian to provide regulatory update or find regulator to present








































Topics: National Conference (VP going), is Odyssee ready ?, Committee Updates, golf event, October training (DOT/Hazmat)

Amanda to send out agenda 7-31-17 , who else is going to National?



Annual Odysee Cruise: extend to Veolia? ASSE? CT Chapter?





National Conference










9/5/2017 (after Labor Day)


Fall EHMM course, golf event, elections prep/nominations, appoint a nominations committee, do we have the scholarship nominations? December event prep

Amanda to send out agenda 8-30-17








Workshop with DEP



GOLF TOURNEY (It has been suggested that this be moved to another venue)













BLOG #3 (includes National Delegate Report)















Topics: DOT training ready?,   Ballots need to go out 10/21

Amanda to send out agenda 9-26-17



DOT Cert Training or CPR again







updated Linked in and NEACHMM homepage with Call for trainers



Ballots Go Out






















Topics: Election results, December event update

Amanda to send out agenda 10-31-17


11/7, 8

ASSE Regional Conference

AHMP Booth

Amanda and one other BOD to man the booth in Southbridge















Topics: Energy Summit

Amanda to send out agenda week before


2nd WEEK


Alternate Energy Conference Wind/Solar/Green Steam




AND EXPO! Need vendor participation

Matt Montefusco is Pming this event, Jim Rossi is assisting




















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